Andrew Whipple

The Protector and King of Chilladelphia

About Andrew

Hi. My name is Andrew Whipple. I do a bunch of things!

(I do not live in Toronto, but I am so immensely bad at taking photos of myself that this is one of the only ones with my new-ish hair...)

I'm a graduate of Stanford in Symbolic Systems and Creative Writing, and make the money I need to survive and pay rent as a Technical Project Manager for Groupon.

I currently live in Chicago, which is where I was born. The wheel has come full circle y'all! But my heart is still in Seattle, where I grew up.

Some stuff I do:

If you want to check out any of that stuff, and idk maybe pay me to do any of that stuff for you, click those links and get in touch.


You can contact me a whole host of places. The two best are probably: