Andrew Whipple

The Protector and King of Chilladelphia

About Andrew

Hi. My name is Andrew Whipple. I do a bunch of things!


I'm a graduate of Stanford in Symbolic Systems and Creative Writing, and make the money I need to survive and pay rent as an Associate Technical Project Manager for Groupon.

I currently live in Chicago, which is where I was born. The wheel has come full circle y'all. But without a doubt a big part of my heart has been left in Seattle, where I grew up.

Some stuff I do:

  • Writing, both essays/blog posts, and fiction (especially playwriting/screenwriting/short fiction)
  • Podcasting
  • Programming (including building this website from scratch.)
  • Project Management (no fancy link for that one.)
  • Web Design (sorta. Just good enough to be dangerous. Again, this site.)
  • Theater
  • Youtube (though not for a while)
  • Music

If you want to check out any of that stuff, and idk maybe pay me to do any of that stuff for you, click those links and get in touch.


You can contact me a whole host of places. The two best are probably:

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