Andrew Whipple

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I like theater a fair amount, and have been doing it in various extracurricular capacities for the past eight years.


In college I did a lot of technical theater work, specifically with the Stanford Shakespeare Company. StanShakes is the only repertory theater company at Stanford, so since we had the same crew working every show we got the chance to do a little bit of everything. I specialized in Sound Design, Lighting Design, Directing, Stage Management, and Company Management (as co-Artistic Director for the company.) Here's a list of that little bit of everything.

  • Co-Artistic Director for the 2015-2016 Season (May 2015 - June 2016)
  • Assistant Stage Manager, Wars Of The Roses (May 2016)
  • Lighting Designer, Anthony & Cleopatra (Feb 2016)
  • Director, Much Ado About Nothing (May 2015)
  • Assistant Stage Manager, Lear (Feb 2015)
  • Sound Designer/Assistant Stage Manager, The Winter's Tale (May 2914)
  • Sound Designer/Assistant Stage Manager/Assistant Lighting Designer, Henry V (Feb 2014)
  • Monologue Director, Fall Showcase (Nov 2013)
  • Lighting Designer, Love's Labour's Lost (May 2013)
  • Assistant Stage Manager, Othello (Feb 2013)
  • Assistant Lighting Designer Any Which Way You Like It (Nov 2012)

Artistic Directing was a fascinating challenge, particularly dealing with Wars Of The Roses, our first ever show that was co-directed, and first that was an original adaptation (a heavily abridged combination of Henry VI, Parts I-III and Richard III into one three-hour show.) The "original adaptation" especially required fun challenges and I got to stretch more of the editing and script notes side of Shakespeare company running than in previous years.


For a fresh-out-of-college kid, I've written an okay amount for the stage: in classes, independently, and as part of project at Stanford called Gaieties.


Gaieties is an annual tradition at Stanford, where during the week leading up to our "Big Game" with rival UC Berkeley, students put on a completely new, original, full-length comedy musical. The show almost always features some dastardly Cal students launching a villainous plot, and a team of intrepid Stanford students saving the day through hijinks. It's silly and a lot of fun.

The show for the fall is written every spring by a team of 6-10 undergraduate writers in a writer's room, so it's been a neat experience learning how to write a cohesive narrative comedy show collaboratively, and on a fairly quick turnaround (2-3 months to write the book for a 70-90 minute comedy musical!)

I've been on the staff three out of my four years at Stanford (the 2013, 2014, and 2016 shows, since I was busy directing Much Ado About Nothing with StanShakes during the writing period for the 2015 show.)

Other writing:

Copy-and-pasted from the writing page, but here ya are.

  • Five Till Places: A roughly 30-45 minute one-act absurdist comedy about a high school theater tech booth that gets trapped in a time loop (4 women).
  • Last Page: A roughly 30-45 minute one-act absurdist comedy (see a trend?) about a superhero that visits a coffee shop, causing things to go haywire (3 women, 1 man).
  • A Long Way Down: A full-length, two-act dark comedy that is a blatantly illegal adaptation of Nick Hornby's novel A Long Way Down, so this is purely posted as a writing sample. Literally would be impossible to ever put on because again, super illegal adaptation.

I'm currently working on two different pieces at the moment, and will probably post them when they're in postable condition.


I only started playwriting and technical theater in earnest in college, and for all four years of high school I exclusively acted. But that sort of fell off the plate in college, so I haven't acted in a show in YEARS. But here's a (selected) list of acting credits if you're curious I guess?

  • Jimmy, Almost, Maine, Stanford (dir. Patty Kim, Spring 2014)
  • Feste, Twelfth Night, Stanford (dir. Michelle Darby, Spring 2013)
  • Joe Stoddard, Our Town, Lakeside School, Seattle (dir. Alban Dennis, Spring 2012)
  • Bill Sykes, Oliver!, Lakeside School, Seattle (dir. Alban Dennis, Winter 2011)
  • The Winged Man, The Winged Man, YATC, Seattle (dir. Maddie Daviss, Summer 2011)
  • Witch 1, Macbeth, Lakeside School, Seattle (dir. Alban Dennis, Spring 2011)
  • Sasha/Ensemble, Fiddler On The Roof, Lakeside School, Seattle (dir. Marjery Ziff, Winter 2010)
  • Clifford Gray, Zap!, Lakeside School, Seattle (dir. Rob Burgess, Fall 2010)
  • Moon, The Real Inspector Hound, Lakeside School, Seattle (dir. Gretchen Orsland, Spring 2010)
  • Ensemble, Burying Your Brother In The Pavement, Lakeside School, Seattle (dir. Alban Dennis, Spring 2009)