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The A-Dub Club

The A-Dub Club is a podcast with one of my favorite people in the universe, and my friend from high school, Alex Wade! We tackle the big questions in science fiction, fantasy, technology, pop culture, the internet, and general nerdery. Tune in to discuss questions like "Should fictional magic always have rules?", "Would a robot apocalypse really be that bad?", and "Is That So Raven sci-fi or fantasy?" It's a fun, silly, and very occasionally smart dive into the stuff we love.

That Podcast Thing

You can find it and subscribe on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Overcast, or with its RSS feed. You can also visit its website,, and if you don't know where to start you check out our handy-dandy episode/topics guide.

If you have questions for the club, send them to or on Twitter @TheAWClub.

That Podcast Thing

A podcast I host with one of my other favorite people in the universe: Rachel Perry! It is, well, format-less, being nothing but an hour or so of conversation between the two of us. Listen in if you like to hear friends talk about stuff that's on their minds (especially about pop culture, the internet, digital media, Taylor Swift) ... or if you're one of our friends IRL and you feel an obligation to humor us in this endeavor.

That Podcast Thing

You can find it and subscribe on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Youtube, or with its RSS feed.

Produced Pieces

I also took a class on narrative non-fiction radio/podcast production, so I have at least a little bit of experience producing (beginner-quality) pieces in your NPR storytelling vibe. I don't like that kind of stuff, but I can do it. Kinda.

The final piece for that class uses a bunch of music that super wasn't cleared by anyone (yay making things for class! Fair use-ish.) That's only relevant because it means I can't in good conscience (or sound legal reasoning) post it online and distribute it. But if you're someone who wants to give me a radio-type job and wants it as a sample, absolutely I'll send it your way if you hit me up.


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