Andrew Whipple

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I like to write stuff a lot.

For blog posts and articles and stuff like that, you can find it all here on this site.

I also like to write fiction, particularly plays, film scripts, and short stories.


I've written a handful of plays, all of which you can read here!

  • Five Till Places: A roughly 30-45 minute one-act absurdist comedy about a high school theater tech booth that gets trapped in a time loop (4 women).
  • Last Page: A roughly 30-45 minute one-act absurdist comedy (see a trend?) about a superhero that visits a coffee shop, causing things to go haywire (3 women, 1 man).
  • A Long Way Down: A full-length, two-act dark comedy that is a blatantly illegal adaptation of Nick Hornby's novel A Long Way Down, so this is purely posted as a writing sample. Literally would be impossible to ever put on because again, super illegal adaptation.

I'm currently working on two different pieces at the moment, and will probably post them when they're in postable condition.


I've written a few short film scripts, mostly for a class on adaptations (so again, illegal adaptations that couldn't be made ever, so yay writing samples!)

  • A Story About You: A 15-minute adaptation of the episode A Story About You from the podcast Welcome To Night Vale.
  • Wolf At The Door: A 5-minute adaptation of the Rebecca Curtis short story Wolf At The Door.
  • Bullet In The Brain: A 5-minute adaptation of the Tobias Woolf short story Bullet In The Brain.

Short Stories

Eh I'm not gonna post these right now. Maybe eventually.