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'Free Cake For Every Creature' Is Ruining My Life

Published 09/07/2017

SPOTIFY GOSH-DANG YOU why do you have to keep enabling rabbit holes that point me to perfect bands that are destroying my LIFE because I can't listen to anything BUT them GOSH.

Today's version brought to you by the marvelous one-woman (I think?) band "Free Cake For Every Creature," who makes delightfully boppy and miserable bedroom jangle-pop.

Neat right? Even better, there's a song called "I WANT TO MAKE YOU BREAD" (emphasis mine.)


I'm pretty enamoured with, unconventional is I guess the way to say it(?) voices. Your Lordes, your Grimeses, your Charly Blisses, &c. And I am drawn in immensely by the wildly intimite almost-whisper of Katie Bennett's voice, especially as its contrasted with the kind of bubbly pop that normally would go along with, well, an Eva from Charly Bliss. It's magical and encapsulating and also did I mention there's a song called "I WANT TO MAKE YOU BREAD."

-Andrew W.