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Stereogum: Watch The Killers Cover The Gaslight Anthem In NYC πŸ”—

Published 09/23/2017 (Permalink πŸ“Œ)

I mean to be fair "American Slang" is functionally Brian Fallon's version of "Sam's Town" so like yeah this scans as heck.

-Andrew W.

Stereogum: 'Dammit' Turns 20 πŸ”—

Published 09/22/2017 (Permalink πŸ“Œ)


I guess you could say.....I guess this is growing up.

Get it? GET IT? GET IT?????????


-Andrew W.

Birth, Movies, Death: A SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH Show Is In The Works At CW! πŸ”—

Published 09/20/2017 (Permalink πŸ“Œ)


Riverdale is easily my favorite show in a few years, and The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina is one of my favorite comics, and (unlike the rest of the Archieverse) I actually grew up caring about Sabrina, having watched the TV shows in the 90s/00s.

HELL YES (pun absolutely intended.)

-Andrew W.

Motherboard: Turning Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in iOS 11's Control Center Doesn’t Actually Turn Off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth πŸ”—

Published 09/20/2017 (Permalink πŸ“Œ)

Aw beeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaans I thought this was a late bug in the iOS 11 betas I was running but nope. Looks like this is intended behavior.

Which to some extent I kinda get? Ya feel? But also it's different from how the interface has always worked, and provides no meaningful suggestion to the user that there's been a change.

More importantly... Maybe I'm an odd duck, but I can't think of many situations where I want to disconnect from Bluetooth or Wifi and don't want to make that stick? In the instance I want to drop a wifi network, it's either because I don't want to use wifi (and so would turn it off altogether) or because I want to switch to a new wifi network (and so would use the actual wifi switcher.) Same for Bluetooth. So it seems like these are just kind of... wasted buttons now?

-Andrew W.

Gizmodo: Why the Navy Plans to Use 12-Year-Old Xbox 360 Controllers on Its Most Advanced Subs πŸ”—

Published 09/18/2017 (Permalink πŸ“Œ)

As someone who has done a baby, very tiny amount of games programming and music programming, I'll also point out another thing that's neat about the 360 controller in particular: it's immensely easy to program for. 90% of the time it "just works" with whatever you're trying to do, and the handful of times it doesn't there are plenty of libraries or tools to get it working.

So it's wildly cost-effective hardware, incredibly easy to use by trainees, and easy to get working with most tools. Win/win/win.

-Andrew W.

Discovering Features Of Amelie!

Published 09/16/2017

This morning I discovered something interesting: I had set up years ago a handful of redirects with Hover, my domain registrar of choice.

Of course, those have been broken for a long time, entirely because when switching the DNS over to my hosting provider, Hover no longer has control to handle these redirects. Whoops-a-daisy.

And the way Amelie, the engine I built to power this site, handles routing and such, urls like "" first check if there is a single page (like /about and such) and if there isn't, 404s.

So in order to do forwards like I had in Hover (for example, forwarding to my Youtube page) I'd need to either futz with the Nginx proxy I have set up in front of my actual app servers, or figure out some way to add more routing rules in the router for pages in the engine itself.

Neither super fun.

BUT! Because Amelie pages start as Markdown files that get HTML-ified and plopped into a template, they basically are prettier version of html files. So anything you can do in HTML, you can do in an Amelie page. Including adding in Javascript!

So, all it took was making a new markdown page with the filename for the short url I wanted to use (ex, in the example above), and making that page just have a simple <script> tag, and adding in: window.location.href = "newUrl";

Voila! Auto redirect at the site level, rather than in the DNS or in the engine. And it doesn't require mucking around with the engine code or the Nginx proxy. Just making a new page with one line of code, throwing it into dropbox, and the redirect is live.

And it's fun because this is the same kind of hacking around and discovering cool features I do in other people's projects, and this time I get to do it in my own project!

Neat y'all!

-Andrew W.

Chicago Tribune: The iPhone X proves the Unabomber was right πŸ”—

Published 09/15/2017 (Permalink πŸ“Œ)

Extremely Griffin McElroy voice Hey hey hey hey! Yo dawg, what the fuck?!

-Andrew W.

Noisey: This Indie Label Is Cutting Vinyl Costs By Releasing Albums on Paper πŸ”—

Published 09/15/2017 (Permalink πŸ“Œ)

I am 100,000% doing this for the next bit of music I ever put out. This rules immensely.

-Andrew W.


Published 09/15/2017 (Permalink πŸ“Œ)

Yo what the fuck kind of music video is this Carly.

That's not remotely to say I don't love it. But also.

Your music video has a count-down timer to the point where like, the actual music video happens... which is halfway through the song.

What a world y'all.

-Andrew W.

Jezebel: What Is Wrong With People? πŸ”—

Published 09/13/2017 (Permalink πŸ“Œ)

An entirely appropriate reaction to an incredibly stupid product announcement (or at least, more incredibly stupid than your usual Silicon Valley product announcement.)

Have you ever been in an actual bodega? Have you noticed that β€œmom-and-pop” store is often a literal description of these places and not just a line on your pitch deck to a bunch of β€œangel investors” who drive Teslas and haven’t called their actual moms or pops in months?

Frankly no surprise that people ain't exactly stoked on Big Tech at the moment...

-Andrew W.

Very Important Product Announcement πŸ”—

Published 09/12/2017 (Permalink πŸ“Œ)

Today a very important product got announced, after a good bit of speculation. For those curious, you can read a recap of the announcement to learn things like pricing, details of various models, and when pre-orders will go on sale.

Also a note, it looks like this year they're a bit supply-constrained, so I'd definitely suggest getting up on those pre-orders ASAP if you don't want them to sell out.

Exciting day!

-Andrew W.

Stereogum: Carly Rae Jepsen – 'Runaways' πŸ”—

Published 09/11/2017 (Permalink πŸ“Œ)

Carly is back at it again, with another tune thanks to the magic of animation) and it's pretty dang good! And every pop star seems to be writing songs that sound like a back-half-of-Sam's-Town ballad! Which I'm decently about, I guess.

-Andrew W.

Gizmodo: Why RSS Still Beats Facebook and Twitter for Tracking News πŸ”—

Published 09/9/2017 (Permalink πŸ“Œ)

I am a wildly devoted RSS reader, and it's how I get probably 80% of the non-Youtube non-Podcast* content I see on a daily basis. I love being able to scan through dozens of sites I follow and pick out the stuff that's interesting, and RSS makes that possible and relatively easy!

Personal picks: I use Feedly as the place that stores all my subscriptions, and use its site on the web + its iOS app on my phone, and then switch to Unread for feed reading on the iPad (which plugs into Feedly so everything syncs.)

That said, the other 20% does come from Twitter.... but via Nuzzel, a neat app that aggregates links shared by the folks you follow and surfaces the stuff that is most popular. RSS is great for seeing everything, and then Nuzzel catches whatever is hot at that particular moment that may come from outside of my chosen feeds.

-Andrew W.

*Asterisk being that all podcast feeds are actually RSS feeds, so honestly basically Youtube is the only outlier.

Kotaku: Breath Of The Wild Gives Players Free Eggs, Promptly Smashes Them πŸ”—

Published 09/08/2017 (Permalink πŸ“Œ)

Insane things like this is why I abso-tastically adore Breath Of The Wild.

-Andrew W.

'Free Cake For Every Creature' Is Ruining My Life

Published 09/07/2017

SPOTIFY GOSH-DANG YOU why do you have to keep enabling rabbit holes that point me to perfect bands that are destroying my LIFE because I can't listen to anything BUT them GOSH.

Today's version brought to you by the marvelous one-woman (I think?) band "Free Cake For Every Creature," who makes delightfully boppy and miserable bedroom jangle-pop.

Neat right? Even better, there's a song called "I WANT TO MAKE YOU BREAD" (emphasis mine.)


I'm pretty enamoured with, unconventional is I guess the way to say it(?) voices. Your Lordes, your Grimeses, your Charly Blisses, &c. And I am drawn in immensely by the wildly intimite almost-whisper of Katie Bennett's voice, especially as its contrasted with the kind of bubbly pop that normally would go along with, well, an Eva from Charly Bliss. It's magical and encapsulating and also did I mention there's a song called "I WANT TO MAKE YOU BREAD."

-Andrew W.


Published 09/05/2017 (Permalink πŸ“Œ)

The New York Times has been doing some really rad things in music criticism over the last few years and they just published an excellent list of 25 Female/Non-binary fronted bands making excellent guitar rock music. And yo, the entire list RULES SCHOOL.

The bands on the list that I listen to (Cayetana, Charly Bliss (aka The Only Good Bandβ„’), Downtown Boys, Diet Cig, Waxahatchee, Palehound, Soccer Mommy, Allison Crutchfield, Cherry Glazerr, Sad13, Tacocat, Hop Along, wait holy shit that's like half the list okay you can tell why I think this piece is rad I guess...) are all PHENOMENAL which of course means I have to buckle down and listen to the rest of them.


Y'all are welcome as heck.

-Andrew W.

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