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So I Have A New Job And Live In A New City

Published 7/12/2016

...which is strange as heck.

Yeah. I now work at a neat tech company as an Associate Technical Project Manager. Meaning I try real hard to get people to do stuff, and do it on time. It should be interesting.

And that job has me in a new city: Chicago, Illinois. In a real-life apartment with real-life roommates and real-life leases and utility bills stuff.

Though fun quirk: this new city is actually kind of an old city for me, in that this is where I was born! And lived until I was two. So I'm getting to explore a hometown I never really knew, and call it home for a bit.

Adulthood y'all. Yep. What a concept.

-Andrew "I Could Use A Little Fuel Myself (GET IT? GET THE REFERENCE???)" W.