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Non-Retina MacBook Pro Reportedly Pulled From Some Apple Store Displays 🔗

Published 6/21/2016 (Permalink 📌)

Apparently my beloved Mid-2012, 13", non-Retina, dvd-drive sporting, spinning-disk hard drive MacBook Pro may be seeing its end days.

According to a new report, Apple has started removing its non-Retina MacBook Pro from show floors.


The optical drive-toting non-Retina MacBook Pro was last refreshed in 2012, so it wouldn't be altogether surprising to see Apple phase the model out for its Retina-equipped cousins.

A reasonable question though: why on earth is a laptop model from 2012 still being sold in 2016?!?!?

Marco Arment has the answer! Spoiler alert: not only does it sell, it sells well. Long live the King.

A similar but slightly different question is why I've stuck with this computer, and post-graduation have opted not to replace the four-year-old workhorse with a new MacBook (Pro or Air, not "MacBook" MacBook.) Certainly much of it has to do with my head first dive into iPad-land with the purchase of a new 9.7" iPad Pro (on which I'm writing right now!) Certainly a lot of it also has to do with my work providing me with a laptop to do all the work stuff I need.

But a big part is that I like this computer, and I like that I can still get at the insides and upgrade/repair stuff myself. It's heavy, bulky, and with an old CPU, but those are all things better solved by moving to an iPad as a daily driver device. For the more power-heavy things, the old MBP can still do the work, and once it can't it'll be cheaper to replace some parts than get a whole new computer.

So it's sad to see my machine go the way of the dinosaur. But it had to happen eventually. And if rumors are right that this is because it's getting a refresh, that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

The King is dead; long live the king.

-Andrew "End Of An Era" W.

(Source: iMore)