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Published 3/28/2016


This is (I think) the 5th iteration of this website.'s history is as follows:

  1. A static tumblr page.
  2. A Node/Express/Mongodb based site, basically a reskin of starter code from a design class I took.
  3. A site using the Keystone CMS
  4. A site using the Ghost CMS
  5. This site right now, built on my own CMS using Node/Express.

The reason I switched from 4 to 5 are numerous.

  1. My site broke. Like super broke. As in I tried going to it and Heroku kept saying it crashed. Constantly. Every time. And I don't know what broke since I didn't push a change in months.
  2. I wanted to try building my own CMS. Because I'm a stupid masochist who finally took a legit web dev class.
  3. I wanted a CMS that let me: write posts in Markdown, plop them in a Dropbox folder, and appear on my site. Because I refuse to use a web-based admin panel for a site that only I will ever access and edit.

So that's what this is.

I'll probably open-source the engine once I make a clean copy that doesn't feature all the specifics needed for me (because hey why not learn about open-sourcing too?) But for now we'll call it "closed source," in that the code is all living on my github, and if you wanted to use this garbage for your own purposes I probably wouldn't get that mad, but like wait a bit and let me clean it.

But yay. Whoo. A site that works. That's a fun thing yo.

The design is pretty bare-bones, so I'll probably update that over time. But for now, it works.


-Andrew "Hey, I built a CMS, that's neat!" W.