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Ways To Support Me (if you feel so inclined)

If for whatever reason you dig the stuff that I do either on this site, or elsewhere on the internet, here are some ways you can support that!

Sharing Is Caring!

If I wrote something you like, or you're big into a podcast I do, I would be forever grateful if you shared that along, especially if you know people who you think would enjoy it! Particularly with podcasts, I love when friends suggest shows to me, and some of my favorite podcasts in the world only fell on my plate because someone took the time to say "Hey, I think you'd enjoy this."

Podcast Guests!

The other way I tend to find podcasts is either:

  • A show I like has on a guest who seems interesting, or
  • A guest I like goes on a neat show

So if you have a podcast and like one of my shows or think I can say words well, feel free to hit me up about either you guesting on The A-Dub Club or That Podcast Thing, or me being on one of your shows.

The best way to get in touch is either via email (andrewjameswhipple[at]gmail[dot]com) or twitter (@AndrewTheWhip).

This site is made using Hover for domain registry and Digitalocean for the hosting. If you're in the market for either of those things, you can hit those links (or go to and respectively) and I can get a little bit of cash for referring you and you'll get a little bit of cash for being referred.

And hey, I use them and love them, so I feel more than okay suggesting you give 'em a try!


If for some reason you want to give me actual money, you can I guess? I shouldn't stop you? But very very very seriously there is no need to do such things, and at this point would genuinely prefer a tweet about a podcast I do than a couple bucks donated. BUT STILL it is an option je suppose! So I guess click the "Buy Me A Coffee" button below, or go to