Andrew Whipple

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Programming Stuff

I like to program from time to time, especially web development, and especially in Javascript.

For my major (Symbolic Systems) in undergrad I ended up taking a solid chunk of the Stanford Computer Science core, including:

  • CS106a/b (Programming)
  • CS107 (Systems)
  • CS147/247 (HCI Design)
  • CS142 (Web Development)
  • CS109 (Probability)
  • CS103 (Theory)
  • CS157 (Logic)
  • Music 257 (Neuroscience, Music, and Game Design... Ask me about it, it was a time y'all)

In my spare time I primarily do web stuff in Javascript or futz around with the odd Python script.



To flex Node.js chops, and because my old site crashed and there doesn't seem to exist a self-hosted CMS that uses Dropbox to store Markdown that turns into pages, I made the engine that runs this thing. But roughly. And technically it's available and open source but like use at your own risk y'all.

The major motivation guiding the design is to have a simple-ish blog engine that could use Dropbox (or any other folder-based file-syncing software) as a store for Markdown files that will eventually turn into the pages. I like writing in Markdown, and I don't want to ever deal with an admin panel or entering things on a website to make a new post. I just want to write a Markdown file, drop it in a folder, and have my site work fine (especially so I can edit and post on mobile easily.) And that's what this does.

(Also my old site couldn't do link posts, and this can.)

iPad / Hue dashboard thing

This is a demo version of a little webapp I made on Glitch to run on an old iPad I have mounted on my wall. The motivation behind it was to:

  1. Explore using Glitch, which seems like a rad platform!
  2. Mix the bold, red time display of an app like Nite Time with controls for the Hue lights I have in my apartment, so I didn't have to switch between a clock when I wanted a clock, and light controls when I wanted those.

There's another version that exists that is the real one that actually controls my lights and stuff, which is probably a dumb idea to have out on the open internet even if its password protected. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For this demo one, you can use the password 'Hi Friend!' and it will log you in to play around. Hitting any of the buttons will do nothing, because this demo version doesn't have any of the actual IP addresses or API access to my lights that the real one has. And it being Glitch, if you want to set this up for yourself just Remix the app, and fill in the appropriate variables in the .env file!

Meowgic Matt

This is a set of Python command-line tools to speed up some podcasting workflows, including making and updating an RSS feed, down-rezzing mp3s for publishing, and general file organization. Also open-source, but again made for me and works for me, so your mileage may vary. I need to update this though for my current podcast workflow.

ChucK Instruments

ChucK is a wild little langauge out of Stanford and Princeton that's used for musical programming, and I played around with it a fair bit in a couple classes and put together some rudimentary instruments that used an Xbox 360 controller for the interface.

And now that I'm writing this up I'm remembering how cool ChucK can be and realizing I need to get back into playing around with it...


Dumb, dumb, dumb stupid joke thing.

I've done other things, but those are the big ones. You can check my github if ya feel.