Andrew Whipple

The Protector and King of Chilladelphia


I live on the internet, more or less.

Here are social-media-type places you can find me:

Basically if you go to any site and look for the user "AndrewTheWhip," chances are you'll find me.

I make music, which you can find at the Youtube above, and on my Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages.

I used to (and still do occasionally, when the mood strikes us) host a super-lo-fi Youtube talk show with my friend Alex Wade called "The A-Dub Club" where we talk about geeky stuff.

Here's my github link if that's the kind of silliness you're into.

And here's an article written about my team, with like pictures of me and words I said and stuff:

And finally, this is the best content on the Internet. I had no involvement with it, it just will brighten your day.